My Many Counterparts

Turns out the multiverse is crawling with S.G.s of all makes and models…

Colonial SG with circle.jpg

Colonial S.G.
(Earth 175)

The American Revolution is just happening on this SG's Earth, but rather than side with the colonies or the English, he's cast his lot with Belgium. Trouble is, Belgium isn't involved in the conflict and lacks the resources or the interest in doing so. That hasn't stopped Colonial SG Wilson's plans, not in the slightest. Like Hamilton, he's not throwing away his shot.


Mad Professor Me.jpg

Professor S.G.
(Earth 89)

Got a burning question about fungi? This S.G. is your man! He’s been studying the fungus among us, the lichen you’ve been likin’, and the slime mold you’ve extolled for years as a doctor of mycology.

Scientist+Me2 with arrow.jpg

Mad Scientist S.G.
(Earth 31)

A brilliant inventor on his world, Mad Scientist SG Wilson has created scads of machines, including gloves that make hand farts real, and a method for converting dirty words into clean energy. His latest invention, the "Peace Ray" (pictured above), worked a little too well on the leaders of two warring countries.

mobster me with arrow.jpeg

Mobster S.G.
(Earth 103)

Prohibition never went away on Mobster SG Wilson's Earth, and neither did the mobsters. Nicknamed Johnny "Spit Valve" Cappucino for his trademark trumpet and infectious smile, Mobster SG Wilson heads up the Donatelli's illegal kombucha juice and Pokemon Go rackets.